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Jennarosa Information Network Directory


Purpose of the Directory

 Jennarosa Information Network Directory is the listing our many services.
Such as information, prayer and other websites to be found in our network.

Now as this Network grows and being part of the (Enter Into Our World Network) more sites will be added down time including helpful sites that are not actually in the Network as well.


The Directory input will appear in the pages following this front page.
You will notice a menu bar on the left side of the screen.

We have travelled over 15 years with the concepts that have led both to the Enter Into Our World Network and the current formation of this Arke Promotions Network Directory. There have been numerous other prototype lists or directories, this one is in an effort to place them together in one place in a suitable format.

Essentially the past 8 years has seen huge leaps in the amount of websites and associations that we are now associated with.

J O U R N E Y I N G   T O G E T H E R  •  B R I D G I N G   N A T I O N S

The above statement is taken from one of the Arke Promotions
websites and is very fitting for the task that I am undertaking  here and  I hope to work in the right way to make it happen.

So we can expect to see anything suitable such as music,legal,business,ministry,resource sites,books and all such others that fit in here

Note that there will be mixed sites where the main content will determine where they are put and may mean that they appear in different places in this Directory.

More pages and subjects will appear from time to time as the need arises.

How does a person request to be listed in this Directory?
They fill out the email request to be entered in it for a suitable site entry.
This is sbject to any other method through a different service that you may have come through.
Suc as here
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